here we are Germany

here we are Germany

September 23 7pm cet
HOw to land a job in germany
"How to land a Job in Germany" Event Poster



September 23, 7pm CET:
How to land a Job in Germany


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Meet our team

Susanne Reindler

Susanne is the Co-Founder of here we are Germany. She has previously lived in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Botswana, Egypt, Venezuela, Colombia, Russia, Mexico, Kenya and is now back in Germany. She co-founded here we are Kenya and is preparing the launch of here we are Germany/ Hamburg. She has been located in Hamburg now for the past year. Susanne has a business and marketing background and worked as a media consultant and in education. She is a certified intercultural trainer.

Black and White photo of Kira Neumann, Focal Point for Here we are Germany Stuttgart

Kira Neumann

Raised bilingually (German/English) with German and Asian roots and having lived & worked in England and Asia for several years, Kira experienced many different cultures and ways of life including the problems that might occur integrating & working in another culture.  Leaving her management job in logistics for raising her two children, Kira changed professions and qualified  as a Yoga and Pilates teacher offering her services to the international community in Stuttgart. It soon became apparent that there are so many obstacles the women - often relocation for their husbands - were struggling with. In order to help them to settle in quicker, feel welcome and find their way around, she founded Kiramiga - beyond relocation in 2018, followed by Gravidamiga - pregnancy and babies in 2020 - realising that being pregnant and having small children is an even more sensitive time for us women with different needs.  Kira wants to help every international women to feel perfectly welcome relocating to Germany, Stuttgart and support her in finding her vocation & following her dreams.

Anne Cecile

Anne-Cécile Graber

Anne-Cécile Graber was born and raised in Paris in a multicultural environment. She studied international management administration and lived in Spain and England. After working at the OECD, she went to the USA for a Master Degree in Organizational Sciences. She was and still is fascinated by Change Management and intercultural communication. She moved to Germany more than 7 years ago and faced her greatest culture shock because she did not speak the language. Her resilience and grit helped her to learn German and create opportunities. Since her arrival in Germany, she worked as a Consultant for famous German companies. She believes in life long learning and has completed different certifications. Anne-Cécile is certified as a systemic coach, systemic workshop facilitator, Trainer and NLP Practitioner. She has founded her business in 2020 and offers coaching, training and facilitation for professionals going through big changes. Her clients describe her as being warm, welcoming and insightful. She wants to empower individuals in their change process so that they become the captain of their ship. She love good food, wine, Yoga, a good walk and having a good laugh. 

Portrait June Kashio

June Kashio

Originally Japanese, June was born and raised in the UK. She holds a business degree in Human Resources Management and a Masters in Humanitarian Psychosocial Intervention. June has worked as an HR and Staff Care specialist in over 10 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Having experienced the psychological challenges as an expat spouse in a dual career couple, she is advocating for change in HR policies to support accompanying family members on the move. June is currently based in Berlin as a Freelance consultant for Humanitarian and International development agencies.

Portrait Anna C.Seidel

Anna C. Seidel

A third generation global nomad shaped and influenced by life on four continents from a young age, Anna has a deep understanding of a globally mobile life. A German engineering degree, Swiss product development experience, a Scottish MBA and Trainer & Coaching experience gained the world over all pale in comparison to raising well-adjusted cross-cultural-kids (CCKs). As a trainer and coach she is now pouring her enthusiasm into supporting parents in learning about the challenges and opportunities their CCKs face while not neglecting themselves. Anna is married to an English German and is currently raising three CCKs in the greater Stuttgart area where she runs, bakes and blogs. 

Katharina von Knobloch Profilbild

Kate von Knobloch

Originally from Germany, Kate has worked and lived in Spain, the UK, Taiwan, and most recently Chicago in the United States. After her MSc Degree in Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Brighton, she worked in England, Spain, and Taiwan, among others for the German Trade Office in Taipei. For the Hubert Burda Media Group in Germany, she was responsible for projects in the marketing and business development areas for many years in the form of a classic corporate career before moving to Chicago for three years as a classic expatriate. There she started her own business as a certified coach (International Coach Academy) and Global Mobility Expert with a focus on traveling partners and career planning in an international context. She was a speaker at the Families in Global Transition Conference (FIGT), and her work combines academic insights from the global mobility field with open communication and authentic role model stories. She is working with women from all around the world and is a firm believer in sharing love and knowledge to make the world a better place.

Portrait Lisa Schindler

Lisa Schindler

Born and raised in Germany, Lisa moved to Vancouver, Canada after finishing her university studies with a degree in liberal arts. What was meant as a one-year adventure turned into nine incredible years. During this time, Lisa started a family and worked for a well-known non-profit organization in membership services and event management. Lisa loves to support others, solve complex problems, and optimize processes of all kinds. After recently returning to Germany to settle here with her family, she chose Hamburg as her new hometown and now looks forward to everything the future has in store for her. Lisa’s passions are the outdoors, yoga, and the arts. You’ll often find her on her yoga mat, in her garden, or on the run through Hamburg.

Here We Are Germany
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