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Here we are Italy focal point is based in Modena, in the middle of the land of fast cars and slow food. It is  the core of an area full of international global companies, high technologies, culture, university. Here we are Italy has also a local chapter in Rome, the eternal city, and in Arese, close to Milan, where a thriving expat community will have a new place-to-be for professional development and networking.

We aim to connect international professionals on the move as accompanying partners, who want to find new opportunities to grow competences while making the most of their time in Italy. We will meet on a regular base in inspiring locations, presenting each time a different topic for personal and professional development. 

Enjoy this unique opportunity to find new inspiration for your career, no matter if you are on sabbatical, on transition or have an established business!



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Isabell Guidastri

HWA ITALY – Modena

Co-founder of here we are Italy. 20 years experience as a business consultant with global retailers and fashion brands. Born in Germany with an international mindset. Passionate about bringing people together to help them grow and to grow new communities. Lately founded guidexpat, helping international families to settle into their life in Italy.

Milena Padula


Milena is a Portable Career Advisor for expats spouses and partners that find themselves moving frequently while attempting to build a professional life. She has lived in Moscow, London, Bahrain and Montreal where she has organized several social and fundraising events and she has been active in the Public Relation field. Back in Rome she has created the “Education and Career Group”, hosting networking events to provide members with training opportunities and connection chances.

Magda Basso

HWA ITALY – Modena

Co-founder of Here we are Italy, Magda is italian, yet she always had an international mindset. She has worked as personal and executive assistants at international companies in Italy and in Berlin, Germany, where she lived and worked three years together with her husband. After relocating to Italy at the end of 2017 Magda decided to give a twist to her career an became a Virtual Assistant and consultant.

Evelyn De Clercq

HWA ITALY – Milano

Evelyn, Belgian, moved to Italy almost 20 years ago for an international finance institution. She worked in retail and institutional Finance and just quit to start a B&B business. She has always be passionated to connect people and helping newcomers to feel ‘Home’ in Italy.

Sofia Marmorini

Sofia is originally Italian but has lived in Germany and in England for 11 and 10 years respectfully. She studied English at the University of Exeter and later specialized in performance and the performativity of language. She has experience working in the External Relations field and she is now completing a Masters in International Affairs. In the meantime, she is pursuing work as an actress and singer

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