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Here we are Kyrgyztan was where it all started. The idea of here we are was first developed in Bishkek, and our volunteers in Kyrgyzstan hosted and participated in our very fist chapter meetups and developed our first partnerships.

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Nasima Karim

Nasima is the Co-Founder of here we are Kyrgyzstan and our Country Manager. Nasima is also the owner of

Sohaila Pirani

Sohaila Pirani

Sohaila is a Communication Consultant and Travel Writer. Sohaila writes blogposts for here we are global and is part of our Team in Kyrgyzstan.

Symon Lord

Symon Lord is a Development Professional specialised in Monitoring and Evaluation. Simon is also part of our Kyrgyztan community.

featured blogposts

In 2017 here we are co-founder and Central Asia Focal Point Nasima Karim was invited to speak at a TEDx event in Kyrgyzstan.

Symon Lord explains how he got involved with here we are 2015 and found a supportive community and a feeling of security.

With the help of her here we are Kyrgyzstan Qurrat Ul Ain Khan launched her catering business “HAPPY HOME FOODS“ in 2018.

Xavi Terres  explains how here we are gave him a group of contacts to help expand potential opportunities to find something to engage with.

In 2018 here we are global Founder Jannie Skov-Hansen had the change to visit her friends in Kyrgyzstan and celebrate the community that inspired the development of here we are.

Learn how here we are co-founder Nasima Karim identified a local need and found her business opportunity.

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