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Here we are Switzerland

Here we are Switzerland has focal points in Geneva, Lausanne, Basel and Zurich. We aim to connect international professionals moving to Switzerland as accompanying partners, who are seeking opportunities to grow competencies while making the most of their time in Switzerland.

We have regular meetings to welcome and update our new members (remote via Zoom). Our Focal Points arrange regular remote meetings as well as local events with different topics for personal and professional development. 

Here we are Switzerland is a unique opportunity to find new inspiration for your career, stay connected and embrace the opportunities that come with a life on the move, no matter if you are on sabbatical, in transition or have an established business. 


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Here we are Switzerland- Be Welcome Call

When: 30th of June, 2:30 to 3:15pm (CET)

Where: (Remote (Zoom)

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Sandrine van den Oudenhoven

Sandrine has initiated the Swiss chapter. She is a career coach and managing director of job4U2. As a French citizen, Sandrine has spent most of her adult life in Switzerland and has also lived in Germany, the US, Belgium and the Netherlands.
Chapter Lead at Here we are Switzerland

Yaëlle Joffe

Yaëlle is French from Strasbourg who lived in the UK for five years before moving to Switzerland. She studied and worked in accounting and she is now looking for a new career opportunity in recruitment. Yaelle loves travelling, she has visited more than 10 countries including the US and Australia.
Welcome Lead at Here we are Switzerland

Sophie Cooper

Sophie is a French citizen from Marseille who lived in the UK for many years prior to moving to Basel three years ago. She spent most of her career working in the banking industry, and her last role was coordinating a network of female entrepreneurs for a Business Coach to support each other's business ventures. Following her relocation to Switzerland, she is now training to be a Sophrologist.
Basel Lead at Here we are Switzerland

Ingvild Hafstad

Ingvild is a seasoned communications specialist from Norway. She relocated to California in 2015 where she started her own company, developing digital tools for culture development. She is now living in Switzerland and is helping organisations grow strong leaders and teams and driving successful cultures worldwide with her own app, Gyrate.
Communications Lead at Here we are Switzerland

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