here we are UK

Here we are UK

Currently based in London, we connect professionals here or those preparing to move to the UK as accompanying (trailblazing) spouses to mobile employees, keen on jumpstarting or growing competencies to create dual career opportunies. 

We’re cognizant of the fact that relocation often means taking career breaks/ sabbaticals to support the family in settling into a new country, may lead to reinvention into new career fields or even birth the development of brilliant businesses.

We host discussions and activities to facilitate professional ideas and opportunities, share resources to facilitate cross-cultural navigation and promote upskilling and exploration of new ways of utilizing skills to create value. 

We are also changemakers keen on collaborating with local authority projects promoting positive social change in our new communities. 

 London is a pot of multicultural life that brings together great talent and experience that would be great for inspiration navigating new professional and personal life in transition. Join us and be part of a community committed to thriving in transition! 


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Norah Akinyi - here we are UK Focal Point

Norah Akinyi

Norah is from Kenya and has been based in the UK since 2016. Her background is in marketing for social enterprises. Since relocating to the UK she has been involved in voluntary work with local authority projects improving social outcomes and has worked with lobbyist organizations promoting public participation in governance. She currently commits her time to community organizing for The Cohered which is a social relocation transition support community she created, as well as retraining in public policy practice.

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