How it works

Here we are is a global network of professional traveling partners seeking opportunities abroad and supporting each other in initiating meaningful lives on the move.

Join us

Join here we are
Your partner got an international assignment. Now, what about you? Join us to seek your new opportunities abroad
Start up kit

Startup Kit
Jump start your professional life abroad. Get tools that will help you create a strategy for your life in a new country.
Partner with us

partner with here we are
Wish to hire global professionals or send employees on international assignments? Let us help you succeed.
Pit stops

Refuel energy and plan for the transition period. A series of group sessions help you prepare for global assignment.
Global app

Global app for members
Take charge of your own development path, seek opportunities abroad and connect with like minded global professionals.
Country and city teams

local networking
Connect with like minded professionals in your new location. Join a here we are local team, or let us help you start your own.

Email inspiration
Inspiration sent directly to your mailbox bimonthly. We include our blogposts as well as other inspirational sources we think you should know about.

Need new inspiration now? Check our latest blogposts. We blog about professional lives on the move and the new dual career opportunity.
Key resource person

Key Resource Person
Support from members with in-depth knowledge of countries or professional topics.
1-1 peer support

1-1 peer support
Share your joys and challenges with a peer person who understand your global lifestyle.
Opportunity board

Connecting organisations and companies with talented partners ready to work, learn and volunteer.
End of assignment support

Pitfalls of transition can be mitigated with the relevant support. Let us help you prepare.

Advancing the dual career opportunity!

Here we are provide a platform from where you can develop and uphold a professional identity while living abroad. We offer tools to prepare for and set goals for a valuable international stay. We team up with companies and organisations to make a difference and utilise talent worldwide.

Here we are changes the focus on dual-career from an issue of challenges to an issue of opportunities. Contact us to know more.

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