Here We Are – The International Career Couple Handbook offers powerful ways to guide internationally mobile talent. From a foundation of deeply caring for a global workforce, the authors share real-life insights into the challenges and opportunities for International Career Couples and the organisations deploying them globally. With in-depth research and substantial HR experience this book argues that the future of global careers requires a holistic strategic perspective on professionals living and working in international trajectories. Applying organisational methods and facilitating meaningful conversations are ways for ICCs to succeed and for organisations to retain them. This handbook is filled with practical tools for each ICC to construct their own map of the future.

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Here We Are – The International Career Couple Worksheets
Comprehensive, self-explanatory, interactive worksheets covering all exercises in The International Career Couple handbook.


Jannie Aasted Skov- Hansen (Danish) is a seasoned Human Resource professional, specialized in global people mobility and leadership development. She is Founder of a community and startup consultancy, aimed at supporting ICCs in their global careers.


Dr. Paul Vanderbroeck (Dutch/Swiss) has a background of managing talent in multinational organizations. He is an Executive Coach, an accomplished researcher and sought-after speaker on gender balance and leadership development.

We are here to disrupt the way we talk about, the way we address and the way we explore the value of dual global careers. When two people make a joint decision to live in another country, we see it as an opportunity for both to grow and create value – for each other and for others.

We are here to live the transition. Personal transition, career transition, ideas in transition. We share a growth mindset and seek the opportunities that come with a life abroad. We find ways to develop and employ personal and professional skills while on the move. We are here to learn, work and volunteer.

We are here to contribute. We are conscious global nomads – here to inspire and have a positive impact on the local communities we are part of, as well as the world we live in. While we create new opportunities for ourselves we also find ways to help others achieve their goals and aspirations.

writing a new narrative on dual global careers

Join us in co-creating new opportunities for global professionals and traveling partners, secure valuable expatriation, support meaningful transitions, co-create social impact. Together we can write a new narrative on dual global careers.
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co-creating new opportunities

We are here to inspire, to seek and to co-create the opportunities that come with a life abroad, thus develop and employ professional skills while on the move.


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my wisdom is my greatest wealth

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